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ARS Estúdio

ARS Estúdio is a creative studio. With focus in furniture design and interior design, have as goal to create signature designs of furniture and decorative pieces using advanced factory technics and traditional handcrafting. Through the mixing of different materials, bring to life objects that remind our past and compose the spaces that we live. 

With a Brazilian origin, we mix our half Italian and half Portuguese parts to create in our bases at Porto/PT and Campinas/BR. ARS Estúdio have as vision understand that the world can be more beautiful, functional and sustainable, in the moment that we mix art and technology to design.

Be our guest and share our vision in the world!

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ARS Estúdio

Porto, Portugal

Largo Ferreira Lapa, 70, 1esq.

Porto, Portugal


Tel: +351 913 436 165 

Uffizi Arquitetura

Av. Dr. Luis de Tella, 555,

Cidade Universitária,

Campinas, São Paulo 


Tel: +55 19 3305 1181


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